The Canadian Legacy Project works within the Calgary community producing a number of annual fundraising events to support our veterans. The Canadian Legacy Project is proud to present the Annual Veterans and Seniors Food Drive in support of the Veterans Food Bank. In addition to the food drive, we also donate volunteer hours to the Field of Crosses Memorial Project and are working in partnership with other organizations to provide veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) with trained canines.

Key Initiatives

Veterans and Seniors Food Drive

The Veterans and Seniors Food Drive held in Calgary is a great example of what the Canadian Legacy Foundation is all about. The event was developed when The Event Group (which has now been passed onto The Canadian Legacy Project to manage and direct) learned that many of our Canadian Veterans and Seniors did not have the means to put food on their tables and that they were too proud to go to a local food bank. In some cases Veterans and Seniors are feeding their pets before feeding themselves.

This is not acceptable – our Veterans and Seniors gave us the freedoms we enjoy as Canadians today and the Canadian Legacy Project has set out to offer support. In partnership with the Calgary Poppy Fund and the Calgary Veterans Food Bank the annual Veterans and Seniors food and cash drive was born.

Over $300,000 in cash donations have been donated to the Calgary Poppy Fund to support our veterans and seniors. Each year the event is successful in filling the Calgary Poppy Fund food bank shelves, with an estimated value of over a million dollars in food donations

Over $300,000 in cash donations have been donated to the Calgary Poppy Fund to support our veterans and seniors over the past three years.

One of the more unique initiatives that has come through the Veterans and Seniors Food Drives is the partnership developed with the Calgary Board of Education. Each year the Calgary Board of Education sends the event information to all of the public schools in Calgary and encourages their students to support the event. To dovetail this initiative – the Calgary Poppy Funds offers to have a veteran come and speak with each school. Not only are we successful in raising more cash and food donations but we are educating our youth about the history of our Veterans. Lest We Forget has never been so important.

The Canadian Legacy project appreciates that many initiatives need financial support but there are also many areas which volunteering one’s time can be an amazing way to give back. To that end, the Canadian Legacy project is always looking for volunteers to assist with fund-raising and event activities and we are always looking for more corporations to jump onside.

Field of Crosses

The Canadian Legacy Project is thrilled to be involved in the Field of Crosses Memorial Project which runs from November 1st to November 11th each year. Over 3,000 crosses are erected to memorialize Southern Alberta soldiers who were killed in action. Each cross is inscribed with the name, age at death, rank, regiment and date of death of the soldier who lost his or her life fighting for the freedoms that we all enjoy today.

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Pets For Vets

The Canadian Legacy Project has identified a need to provide veterans of the Canadian Forces who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) with a service dog. The dogs are specially trained to help alleviate PTSD symptoms by providing emotional and/or physical support which in turn allows the individual to reintegrate into society. We are currently working with a number of organizations to help raise awareness about this worthwhile cause through the donation of funds and services.