Sadly over 2,500 Canadian Armed Forces veterans are living on the streets of Canada. Homelessness is a major issue facing our Canadian veterans and our team is dedicated to addressing this problem through the Homes For Heroes program.

Unfortunately Homes For Heroes is just taking flight and there is a daily need to ensure that our homeless veterans have the basic necessity of food. Canadian Legacy Project is working with food banks and shelters across Canada to financially support food distribution programs and hot meal programs for our homeless veterans. It is our opinion that no one that has stood on guard for Canada should go hungry.

VETERANS FOOD BANK:The Veterans Food Bank is run and managed by the Calgary Poppy Fund. In the past, the Canadian Legacy Project developed and produced the annual veterans food drive in support of the Calgary Veterans Food Bank. That being said, we no longer produce this event and are not affiliated with the Calgary Veterans Food Bank and/ or the Calgary Poppy Fund. If you have questions regarding the Veterans Food Bank or the Calgary Poppy Fund please contact them directly at (403) 265-6304