PEER SUPPORT for VETERANS by VETERANS before … during and after the transition to civilian life.

  • Regular Peer Support Group Meetings
  • Monthly Drop in Group Meetings
  • Access to One to One Peer Supporters

Got Your 6’ essentially means “I got your back”. Based on the old pilot system in which directions correspond to hours on the clock, 12 o’clock being forward and the 6 meaning behind you. Got Your 6 is a way for us to remind Veterans that we support them and will ‘have their back’ in any challenges or encounters that life throws at them.

GY6 helps transitioning Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members and Veterans including:

  • Members of the CAF who are concerned about the military to civilian transition.
  • Veterans previously released from the military, who are facing a complex transition or who are experiencing challenges integrating into civilian life.
  • New and current Veterans wanting to improve their wellbeing in a civilian life.

Through GotYour6 Veterans share, experience, resources and solutions that help with: Housing, financial security, employment and sense of purpose, physical and mental health, family stability and social integration. All services are guided by a Psychologist. GotYour6 launches in Alberta Fall 2018 and is an initiative of the Canadian Legacy Project (CLP). GY6 is provided at no cost to participants thanks to the generous support of CLP Donors and Sponsors.

GY6’s Peer Support Group meetings will start November 2018, date to be confirmed shortly. To join GY6 or for more information please see or please contact or call 403.543.4670.

Thank you for your service