Who manages and direct the Canadian Legacy Project (CLP)?

The Canadian Legacy Project is a 100% volunteer managed and directed registered charity. We do not have traditional expenses (staff – rent – marketing) like large a non-profit group, which ensures that the donations made towards the CLP go directly to those in need.

What are the key activities of the CLP?

Currently The Canadian Legacy Project develops, directs and manages capacity building activities, programs, projects and special events for our Veterans in need. The CLP manages and directs many of these initiatives, but we also work in partnership with likeminded charities that do not have the means, the manpower and the know-how to manage programs and fundraising activities. We also take part in charitable giving programs, both through the CLP directly, as well as through partnering corporate entities with those requesting goods and services.

Should we just support the partner non-profits direct?

Part of the Canadian Legacy Projects mission is to mobilize collective action is support our Veterans. As part of this mission we partner with like minded organization to help raise and increase donations. For example: Calgary CO-OP sponsors the Veterans Food Drive. Through this partnership with the Calgary CO-OP the CLP receives an additional 10% in food card value. Each dollar then donated to The Canadian Legacy Project then becomes worth $1.10. These food cards then are directed towards our Veterans in need and do not go towards managing staff or overhead for charity organizations.

Do I receive a tax receipt for donations made towards the CLP?

All donations made to the CLP over $20 are given a tax receipt.

What is CLP’s registered charity number?

Our registered number is 824788202RR0001.

Can our firm sponsor the CLP?

The CLP is always looking for corporate partners to help us support the work we do within the community. We encourage you to reach out to our current President to discuss potential partnerships. Your firm can support specific program and events or the CLP activities as a whole.

Is the CLP strictly a fundraising organization?

Absolutely not, our team of volunteer’s works on behalf of the CLP to help manage and direct a wide range of programs and service within our community. While some of our programs include fundraising initiatives, we have a number of initiatives that are strictly volunteer time and support for various causes.

At times the CLP acts as a conduit between the corporate community and local non-profits. As an example, the CLP has partnered a number of corporations for the Christmas Salute program. The CLP understands the need in the community and we are happy to partner groups together and let them work directly together.


Please email our current President David Howard to discuss any questions you might have. dave@eventgroup.ca