Canada’s military veterans are known around the world for their skills, abilities and expertise. They are admired for their teamwork and leadership and have executed their duties faithfully and effectively. Unfortunately when many of our veterans leave the Canadian Armed Forces, they have a difficult time transitioning to civilian careers. It is not for the lack of experience or education, but at times the lack of opportunity and understanding.


Canadian Legacy Project will soon announce a robust entrepreneurial training and financial assistance program. This new program has Canadian Legacy Project partnering with a nationally recognised Education facility to offer a 6 day entrepreneurial certificate program in four cites across Canadas. Veterans Entrepreneurial Kick Start is designed to open the door to entrepreneurial opportunities and small business ownership to veterans. The program will develop their competencies through the many steps and activities associated with creating and sustaining an entrepreneurial venture and by helping veterans find additional appropriate programs and services. Upon completion of the entrepreneurial and small business training program, veterans can apply for micro loans through Canadian Legacy Project to bring their vision to life. Canadian Legacy Project believes entrepreneurship is a meaningful answer to veteran joblessness.