AudeamusAUDEAMUS is a bilingual, injured veteran-run not for profit organization dedicated to the principle of providing highly skilled and effective Certified service dogs to those whose quality of life depends on them. AUDEAMUS is a registered charity operating throughout Canada [Registration #: 762071298RR0001] and is 100% volunteer veteran-run and directed. They have mere expenses, which ensures that donations made towards AUDEAMUS go directly to supporting the veterans they support.

AUDEAMUS — The Service Dog Program was founded by Christopher Lohnes and Marc Lapointe.

RCMP Cpl., Christopher Lohnes has been an active member of the RCMP for over 30 years—with 21 years solely dedicated to the Police Dog Service, having served in three provinces with diverse experiences in Provincial and City policing. For the past two years, Chris has been at the Service Dog Training Centre, where he has been key in further development of the imprinting program and has developed a new approach for behavioural shaping of the “Broods” in the breeding program.

Retired Special Forces Captain, Marc Lapointe proudly served Canada for 25 years. His professional achievements earned him the command of the Special Forces Elite Groups, including but not limited to, the sensitive sight exploitation K9 Unit. After devoted and indisputable service, Marc was medically released with Chronic Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Through their years of service in the Special Forces and RCMP Service Dog Industry, Marc and Chris saw first-hand the crippling effects that PTSD had on veterans, first responders and war correspondents and recognized the indisputable positive effects that SDs could have on sufferers of PTSD by markedly improving their quality of life and in many cases considerably reducing their need for medication. With the development of Audeamus, partners Chris and Marc, developed a team of researchers which are becoming a key element in demonstrating the favourable effects of Trauma Specific Interventions with Service Dogs.

12 New Veteran and Service Dog Teams!

The Canadian Legacy Project is happy to announce that we have sponsored 12 new
Veteran and Service Dog teams. We would like to thank our supporters and the following organizations for their dedication and support: Stikeman Elliott LLP, Carey Management Inc, Qualico and Rogers Insurance Ltd.

If you would like to support or sponsor a Veteran and Service Dog Team, please contact