PROSPECT. Break barriers. Employ change.

The Canadian Legacy Project is proud to partner with Prospect Human Services, an innovative Alberta-based not-for-profit who runs two programs that help veterans and transitioning members of the Canadian Armed Force (CAF) back into the work force.  This is a relatively new program, but since December 2015 they have placed over 600 veterans in new jobs.  Our goal is to offer this program across Canada and to get our new government to begin funding this initiative.

Forces@WORK helps veterans and transitioning CAF personnel find good civilian careers. The program has helped hundreds of candidates and their families make successful transitions to good jobs, at equal or higher levels of ‘rank’ and compensation. There is no cost to participants. Forces@WORK has been endorsed by the Senate Subcommittee on Veterans Affairs, DND, and most importantly, the program’s users, who give it a satisfaction rating of 4.8 out of 5. For more information visit  To view a video about the program please visit 

BaseToBusiness (BTB) is a Prospect initiative funded by the Government of Alberta to help employers attract, recruit and retain good candidates coming out of the Canadian Armed Forces. BTB workforce consultants show employers how to connect the right candidates to the right jobs, hire good people, and offer support before, during, and after the transition. All at no cost to the organization.

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For some, the battle continues at home. Every year, more military personnel & Veterans die from suicide than any other cause, including combat. Veterans who have difficulties with the transition to civilian life are the most vulnerable: feeling isolated from the world saps the strength they need to combat depression, post-traumatic stress, or substance abuse. This period after they leave service has also been shown as the critical point keeping our Vets from winding up on the streets

Since its inception, the Veterans Transition Network (VTN) has maintained the belief that soldiers are best served by other soldiers. The researchers found that many of the veterans they worked with were reluctant to participate in programs or access resources that were provided by the government or military, for fear that their information would not be kept confidential. Many veterans fear the consequences an operational-stress injury could have on their military record and future career prospects. VTN provides opportunities for; connection, communications, coping skills for operational stress injuries and PTSD, and next steps on career or personal advancement advise and support .

Now, the VTN is working on expanding its borders. To date, the VTP has helped over 650 veterans in seven provinces, and continues to grow. Not only have we helped over 650 Veterans in 7 provinces, we have provided services to RCMP officers, female Veterans, and bilingual French/English speakers.

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